Analyzing the data

Pronect platform

Monitor, optimise and visualise your physical security management

How it works

Insightful dashboards

Intuitive dashboards apprise stakeholders of current risk levels, compliance, performance, and Total Cost of Ownership. Visualised data on site and global level, supports strategic and tactical decision making, based on the company’s risk appetite.

Follow up compliance

Assess compliance with corporate guidelines and follow-up remedial actions.

Audit trail

Set permissions to designate certain individuals access and an overview of all platform-activity for a comprehensive audit trail.

Security controls inventory

Set up first-level visibility of implemented security controls, whether security services, security systems, procedures, or mechanical measures. Including providers, agreed service levels and cost.

Risk register

The intuitive user-interface with build-in risk taxonomy ensures even non-risk specialists can create correct risk statements in a structured and aligned way. A robust methodology links security controls with the risks they mitigate to produce a 360° view on the security design and residual risk.

Include non-risk applications

Many of the security controls also benefit non-risk related business processes. Think about security guards welcoming visitors or cameras used for smart parking solutions or people counting. To compare the cost benefit of different security designs, non-risk applications should be quantified and included as well.

Optimised security design

Manage the balance between residual risk and the investment in security. Compare different combinations of Security Controls in terms of risk coverage and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and select the most optimal design to be transferred as new actual state.

Performance Management

The build-in KPI module streamlines the process of defining the KPI’s to be measured, collecting KPI scores from different stakeholders, validating them and consolidating results. Follow-up remedial actions with the Action Management module.

Adapt to change

As you know, risks continuously evolve. The Pronect platform, data model and AI engine, will enable integration with different data sources to automate performance measurement and as input for the current risk status. The insights enable you to take the required mitigating actions.

Privacy & security prioritises security and privacy, using a comprehensive threat model and secure design patterns and coding practices. We leverage the high-performing MS Azure cloud platform for a secure, scalable environment. Our Single Sign-On (SSO) feature simplifies authentication and enhances security.

We implement stringent access controls to ensure data segregation and confidentiality. Industry-standard encryption algorithms protect data in transit and at rest, and our EU-based hosting infrastructure is designed with GDPR compliance at its core.

We safeguard data integrity, conducting regular backups and maintaining a disaster recovery plan with a 4-hour RTO and 1-day RPO. Advanced measures like a web application firewall (WAF) protect against web-based attacks.

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